What IS Maritime?

The research and discovery teams at Nutrien Ag Solutions® have dedicated tremendous resources to understanding how seaweed extracts can benefit your crop systems and utilized this information to develop the next generation of kelp science—Maritime™. Maritime is designed for use with specialty crops such as almonds, grapes, citrus, strawberries, broccoli, lettuce and more.

How Does It Work?

Maritime augments a balanced crop nutrition system by stimulating soil microbiota, improving plant health and aiding plant response during periods of stress. Our scientists identified the naturally occurring compounds in kelp which are responsible for the plant health effects typically associated with seaweed extract applications. This optimized, revolutionary extraction system creates a finished product unlike any other on the market. Maritime has a higher concentration of key bio-active compounds which can help improve crop quality, reduce effects of crop stress and contribute to better soil health in specialty crops.

Take a quick look at the science that sets Maritime apart from traditional kelp products.

The Advantage of Maritime

Maritime in the Field


Cold Tolerance Demonstration

During Cold Tolerance tests on young tomato plants, Maritime @1 qt/A equivalent rate consistently improves plants’ ability to withstand cold and freezing temperatures compared to untreated plants. The time lapse video to the right shows what happens after the plants are exposed to 59°F temperature for 24 hours, 14°F temperature for 1 hour, then returned to room temperature.

Drought Soil Study

After a recent drought soil study, Maritime delivered results in three phases—with healthy plants, through a drought simulation and in plant recovery.

Healthy plants were treated with Maritime at 4 quarts per acre, water, competitive seaweed at 2 quarts per acre and Maritime at 1 quart per acre.

Drought simulation had water withheld to simulate drought following the application of materials.

Recovery was seen after precipitation was simulated.

Seedling Germination Demonstration

After a recent seedling germination demonstration in a saline environment, Maritime helped contribute to better results than a competitive seaweed at 2 quarts per acre or from using water alone.


Dimension Biological Chemical Kelp Powder

Extraction Type

Microbial extraction, bioconversion Strong acids, KOH None

Mode of Action

Kelp extract, microbial metabolites (phytohormones, fatty acids, phenolics) that may act as signaling molecules Kelp extract, nutritional or hormone additives Undigested, Unextracted Dried Kelp

Stress Relief

Superior stress mitigation, improved seed germination, plant growth, and nutrient uptake Some benefits No noted benefits

Physical Properties

Highly soluble for mixing Viscous, suspended solids (kelp) Insoluble powder
Dimension Extraction Type
Biological Microbial extraction, bioconversion
Chemical Strong acids, KOH
Kelp Powder None
Dimension Mode of Action
Biological Kelp extract, microbial metabolites (phytohormones, fatty acids, phenolics) that may act as signaling molecules
Chemical Kelp extract, nutritional or hormone additives
Kelp Powder Undigested, Unextracted Dried Kelp
Dimension Stress Relief
Biological Superior stress mitigation, improved seed germination, plant growth, and nutrient uptake
Chemical Some benefits
Kelp Powder No noted benefits
Dimension Physical Properties
Biological Highly soluble for mixing
Chemical Viscous, suspended solids (kelp)
Kelp Powder Insoluble powder

Phases of Biological Extraction

FTIR Spectroscopy Comparison of Commercially Available Seaweed Products

*Each peak in this spectrum indicates a compound or set of similar compounds that are shown to provide unique benefits to plants. This spectrum is evidence that Maritime contains more beneficial metabolic compounds than competing products and, in most cases, higher concentrations of each. Scroll over the (+) signs to see what Maritime could do for you!